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Discovering the best barbershops in Denver doesn’t have to feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Especially if you’re a busy professional who values consistency and impeccable haircuts, the quest for the perfect barbershop can be overwhelming. With Denver’s bustling grooming scene, finding a dependable salon that provides high-quality and consistent haircuts, expert cuts, styling, and grooming services can seem daunting. But worry no more, we’ve got you covered. In this comprehensive guide, we will unveil the city’s finest grooming destinations, walking you through top-rated barbershops in Denver that can give you that flawless haircut you’ve been dreaming of. So sit tight, and let’s begin this journey to finding your new hair family.

The Importance of a Good Barbershop

Your barbershop is more than just a place for a quick trim. It’s a sanctuary where style meets precision, where you can sit back and leave your grooming needs to the experts. A good barbershop is an extension of your lifestyle, a place of consistency and quality that matches your high standards and busy schedule. For a busy professional in Denver, Colorado, finding the right barbershop is a game-changer.

When it comes to haircuts, consistency is key. We all know the frustration of getting a perfect cut one time, only to have it next to impossible to replicate on the next visit. The best barbershops deliver consistent, high-quality haircuts every time, understanding your personal style and preferences. Shops like Chuck’s Barber Shop, which has been serving Denver for over 50 years, are renowned for maintaining a high level of consistency.

A top-tier barbershop not only offers expert cuts but also a wide range of grooming services. Fancy adding trendy hair highlights or yearning for a straight razor close shave? Places like Alfani’s Barbershop and The Usual go beyond the regular cut and shave, offering a variety of services to keep you looking your best.

Your barbershop should also be a place where you feel comfortable and relaxed. A friendly atmosphere can turn the chore of getting a haircut into a pleasurable experience. Shops that prioritize a welcoming environment, like Al’s Barber Shop, ensure that you enjoy not just the end result, but the process too.

In the end, a great barbershop does more than just keep your hair looking its best. It adds to your confidence, enhances your personal image, and leaves a positive impact on your mood. They understand that your haircut is an extension of who you are. So, the right barbershop will ensure that your hair is cut in the shape it needs to grow in, promoting proper growth and maintaining the integrity of your style over time. Shops like Techniques Hair Shop understand this and deliver high-quality haircuts that suit your lifestyle and personality.

In the bustling city of Denver, finding a barber that ticks all these boxes might feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. But with this guide at hand, discovering top-notch barbershops that offer impeccable services just got a whole lot easier. Whether you’re new to the city or simply looking for a change, your journey towards finding your perfect barbershop starts here.

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Top 20 Barbershops in Denver

Navigating the bustling city of Denver in search of the perfect barbershop can feel like a daunting task. To make this journey a little less overwhelming, here is a list of the top 20 barbershops in Denver that stand out for their services, ambiance, and consistency.

Proper Barbershop

If you’re looking for a blend of contemporary and traditional, look no further than Proper Barbershop. Known for its welcoming environment and top-notch services, this shop offers free maintenance between cuts, providing continuous care for your hairstyle.

Chopz Men’s Salon

Chopz Men’s Salon goes beyond just haircuts. With services ranging from hair coloring to massages, this salon has earned a reputation as a favorite among Denverites, particularly for men with white hair.

Semion Barbershop for All

Owned by a fourth-generation immigrant from the Soviet Union, Semion Barbershop for All offers comprehensive services at affordable prices. You can enjoy a quality haircut for as low as $23.

Leetsdale Barber Shop

For the true barber shop experience, Leetsdale Barber Shop is your go-to. This old-school shop, accepting only walk-ins, offers popular beard styles at unbeatable prices.

Ollie’s Barbershop

From a retro-style barber to a modern grooming destination, Ollie’s Barbershop has evolved over the years. Despite its growth, it continues to offer fresh cuts and close razor shaves, now with a broader range of modern hairstyles.

GQ Barber Lounge

Despite its high-end salon ambiance, GQ Barber Lounge offers a full range of grooming services. For $42, you can enjoy a comprehensive package including consultation, massage, shampoo and conditioner, a hot towel, and of course, a cut and trim.

Salon Joa

While not a typical barbershop, Salon Joa offers a full-service day spa experience. Specializing in Asian hairstyles, this salon offers services ranging from $25 to $35.

Chuck’s Barber Shop

Operating in Denver for over 50 years, Chuck’s Barber Shop is renowned for its close straight razor shaves and relaxing shoulder massages. Chuck and his friend Dan Lee, the founders, are still the ones cutting hair.

Alfani’s Barbershop

With a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere, Alfani’s Barbershop is known for expert cuts and a range of services, including trendy hair highlights for men.

Al’s Barber Shop

For a no-frills, basic barbershop experience, Al’s Barber Shop is a top choice. It offers expert haircuts and beard trims in a friendly atmosphere.

The Usual

The Usual offers a unique blend of regular barbershop atmosphere and a range of unique services. They also retail quality products for hair and beard treatments.

The Barber Shop

The Barber Shop may have a straightforward name, but its services are anything but basic. They specialize in men’s and women’s haircuts and styles, offering personalized haircuts for each client.

Spruce Barbershop

Named as one of the coolest barbershops in the US by Men’s Journal, Spruce Barbershop is all about boosting your confidence. This shop is owned by a couple who offers style consultancy, clothing, and grooming services.

Tried and True Barbershop

Tried and True Barbershop, owned by a retired US Army vet, offers a traditional barber shop experience in Denver, Colorado. The interior, designed to mimic an old cabin, adds a unique charm to your haircut experience.

Stans Downtown Barbers

Stans Downtown Barbers is a family-owned, locally-based barbershop with multiple locations throughout the city. With over 35 years of operation, this shop has been named as one of the best professional barbers in Colorado a few times.

Frank’s Gentlemen’s Salon

At Frank’s Gentlemen’s Salon, you can pamper yourself with a variety of hair and spa services. They also offer a variety of favorite products for hair, face, and styling purposes.

Floyd’s 99 Barbershop

Floyd’s 99 Barbershop is a well-known establishment not only in Denver but across the US. Armed with modern beard trimmers and a traditional barbershop setting, they ensure you leave the shop looking and feeling your best.

Legends Barbershop

Walk out of Legends Barbershop with a legendary style. They aim to make you feel relaxed and content with your hair and offer a refreshing razor-shave experience.

Clipperz Hair Shop

Clipperz Hair Shop, with its fun name and impressive services, goes beyond just clipper cuts. They employ licensed professionals who can style your hair, shave your beard, and offer care with their excellent array of products.

Blank Barbers

Last but not least, Blank Barbers offers a unique barbershop experience. More details about their services can be obtained by contacting them directly.

Whether you are a busy professional, a style-conscious individual, or simply someone looking for a dependable barbershop, this list offers a starting point to discover the best grooming destinations in Denver.

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What to Look for in a Quality Barbershop

After exploring the wide range of barbershops in Denver, the next step is to understand what sets a quality barbershop apart from the rest. To ensure you’re investing your time and money wisely, there are certain key factors to consider.

Consistent Quality of Haircuts: Unwavering quality is the hallmark of a good barbershop. You’re not just looking for a one-time great haircut, but consistent results with each visit. For instance, Techniques Hair Shop has built a reputation for providing high-quality, consistent haircuts, ensuring you leave the shop looking your best every time.

Professional Expertise: A high-quality barbershop should house a team of professional barbers who are passionate about their craft. They should not only excel in delivering impeccable haircuts but also demonstrate expertise in using high-quality hair products. For instance, the team at Techniques Hair Shop is trained to use top-notch hair products like Layrite Deluxe Men’s grooming, Slick Gorilla, and True Grit Grooming Products.

Range of Services: An excellent barbershop goes beyond just haircuts. A broad range of services, including beard trimming, hair styling, and even grooming consultations, can set a barbershop apart. For example, Alfani’s Barbershop provides a range of services from expert cuts to trendy hair highlights for men.

Convenience: Busy professionals value convenience. Factors such as the location of the barbershop, its opening hours, and the availability of appointments can make a significant difference in your barbershop experience. Techniques Hair Shop, for instance, operates from 9 am to 6 pm on weekdays and until 4 pm on Sundays, accommodating both appointments and walk-ins.

Welcoming Atmosphere: The environment of the barbershop can greatly enhance your grooming experience. You should look for a place that offers a friendly, welcoming atmosphere where you can relax while getting your hair cut. Shops like The Usual and Techniques Hair Shop are known for their regular barbershop atmosphere combined with a warm, family-like environment.

In the end, the best barbershop for you would be the one that ticks all these boxes while aligning with your personal style and grooming needs. The ultimate goal is to find a grooming partner that can consistently deliver high-quality services and help you maintain your personal image effectively.

Techniques Hair Shop: The Perfect Choice for Busy Professionals

Seamlessly merging the art of traditional barbering with modern style, Techniques Hair Shop has emerged as a premier grooming destination for the busy professionals of Denver, Colorado. With its commitment to providing not just a haircut but a complete, tailored experience, Techniques Hair Shop has redefined what it means to visit a barbershop.

Tailored Haircuts and Styles

Understanding that every individual has unique hair needs and preferences, Techniques Hair Shop offers bespoke haircuts and styles that go beyond the norm. Whether you have a soft spot for classic cuts or wish to experiment with the latest trends, their professional barbers have you covered. Their focus on delivering a haircut that not only looks good but also grows out beautifully sets them apart from other barbershops in Denver.

Convenient Scheduling

In the fast-paced life of a professional, finding time for personal grooming can be a challenge. But with Techniques Hair Shop, scheduling a haircut has never been easier. They welcome walk-ins and appointments, and their hours of operation are designed to accommodate your busy schedule. This flexibility allows you to fit your grooming needs into your hectic lifestyle without any hassle.

Premium Hair Products

Techniques Hair Shop is a staunch believer in the power of quality. They carry a selection of premium hair products from renowned brands like Layright Deluxe Men’s grooming, Slick Gorilla, and True Grit Grooming Products. These products work in harmony with their expert techniques to nurture your hair for healthy growth and maintain its style between visits.

An Educational Approach

At Techniques Hair Shop, they believe in empowering their clients with knowledge. They offer online and in-person education, helping you understand your hair better and make informed decisions about your hair care and styling routine.

At the heart of it all, Techniques Hair Shop sees each customer as a part of their extended family and treats them as such. This personalized, family-like approach to service is what has made them a favorite among Denver’s busy professionals. It’s not just about a haircut; it’s about the experience, the relationship, and the assurance of consistent quality. If you’re on the hunt for a reliable barbershop in Denver, Techniques Hair Shop should be on top of your list.

Frequently Asked Questions about Barbershops in Denver

Finding the perfect barbershop in Denver can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. We’ve compiled the most commonly asked questions to help guide you on your quest for an impeccable haircut and grooming experience.

How much does a haircut cost in Denver?

The cost of a haircut in Denver varies depending on the barbershop. Prices can range from as low as $15 to as high as $50. For instance, at Ollies Barbershop, a classic haircut costs $40 while at The Usual, you can get a classic cut for $35.

What is the standard tip for a barbershop in Denver?

The generally accepted tipping etiquette for barbershops is 15% to 20% of the total cost. Hence, for a $20 haircut, a $4 tip is considered appropriate.

What are some old-fashioned barber shops in Denver?

Denver is home to a number of traditional barbershops that harken back to a bygone era. Leetsdale Barber Shop and Tried and True Barbershop are just two examples of establishments that offer an authentic, old-school barbershop experience.

Which barbershops in Denver are known for their stylish cuts?

Denver doesn’t lack in trendy barbershops that keep up with the latest styles. The Usual, Proper Barbershop, and Spruce Barbershop are all renowned for their contemporary cuts and creative styling.

Do I need an appointment to get a haircut at Techniques Hair Shop?

Walk-ins are always welcome at Techniques Hair Shop. However, to guarantee prompt service, it’s best to book an appointment online. The shop operates from Monday to Saturday, 9am to 6pm, and Sunday, 9am to 4pm.

What hair products does Techniques Hair Shop carry?

Techniques Hair Shop carries a range of high-quality hair grooming products, including Layright Deluxe Men’s grooming, Slick Gorilla, True Grit Grooming Products, and 1821.

By providing answers to these common queries, we hope to make your search for the perfect Denver barbershop a little easier. Remember, the best barbershop for you is one that understands your style, delivers consistent quality, and provides a comfortable and relaxing environment.


It can be a daunting task to find the perfect barbershop in a bustling city like Denver. The long list of options, each with its unique atmosphere, services, and expertise, can easily overwhelm even the most discerning of customers. But your search need not be a stressful endeavor. Armed with the right knowledge and a clear understanding of what you value most in a barbershop, you can navigate the city’s grooming scene like a pro.

In the end, the best barbershop for you is not just about the trendiest cuts or the most plush interiors. It’s about finding a place that understands your personal style and grooming needs. A place that delivers consistent quality with each visit and provides a comfortable and relaxing environment.

Among the many top-notch barbershops in Denver, Techniques Hair Shop stands out as a top-tier choice. We are more than just a typical barbershop. We are a dedicated team of professional barbers that prioritize your hair’s health and growth. Our emphasis on consistency, quality, and a welcoming atmosphere aligns perfectly with the needs of busy professionals in Denver.

Techniques Hair Shop offers a wide range of services, from expert men’s haircuts to professional women’s haircuts and creative hairstyling, all at competitive prices. Our online booking system makes scheduling an appointment a breeze, and our flexible scheduling accommodates even the busiest of lifestyles.

In conclusion, if you’re a busy professional in Denver who values quality, consistency, and a welcoming atmosphere, Techniques Hair Shop is the barbershop for you. We’re excited to welcome you to our family and help you unleash your style. So why wait? Book your appointment today, and experience the Techniques Hair Shop difference for yourself.

Written by Matthew Montez