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Interesting Facts About Barbers

Barbers and hairdressers have been around for a while and have a very unique history. Hairdressers are professionals who cut hair primarily for male clients, although many women also go-to professionals for their short hairstyles.

Men are the main customers of the hairdressing trade, but many women who want a shorter hairstyle or a simple cut can opt for a hairdresser’s service if they want to.

Some people rent a chair in a salon and build their client base, but others decide for themselves and open their own hair salon where they can really bring their passion and personality.

The Barber-Surgeon History:

Back during the Victorian period, many barbers were also surgeons. This may sound a bit strange, but you could go to a surgeon for both surgery, and also a haircut! This is why the barbershop colors are red, white, and blue, due to having a mixed background of surgery and hairdressing.

You’ll notice these colors are similar to the red cross, or most hospitals. In Glasgow, pharmacists, surgeons, hairdressers, and barbers were united under the one James VI Charter and dominated by the majority of them, but in earlier times they were also referred to as “barbers.”

Hairdressers had to wear a blue-and-white bar and red-and-white bandage in front of their barbed wire. In the early Middle Ages, Barber was also known by their surgeons for offering a wide range of services. They were able to perform minor operations, such as teeth pulling and bloodletting.

Hair-styling trends:

Most hairdressers and barbers have a challenge in keeping up with ever-changing hair trends. When a rock band called the Beatles got their long hair trend in the 1960s, they forced the hairdresser to learn new methods and techniques for haircuts.

The Beatles became a hugely successful rock group and this had an effect on the barbers of Britain, as longer hair became a style. Today, most barbers work off of client photos and styles to make sure their clients are happy with their haircuts.

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Written by Matthew Montez