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Ways To Get Customers To Your Barbershop

Barbershops have suffered during COVID-19 due to lockdown restrictions. Now that things are starting to open again, it’s good to have some methods to help boost your business into a success. We at Techniques Hair Shop use many of these methods to make our business more COVID-19 proof and we recommend you do the same.

Make sure you have a digital presence for your business.

Digital media is a COVID-proof way to market your business, and having a good digital presence will help you to grow and reach more clients. You may need to redo your website or change a few photos to update your website and make it look new and exciting. If you give your customers the opportunity to book hairdressing services online, your business will seem safer and more aware of putting the customers’ needs first.

Along with your website, check your social media presence as well for your company. Those who don’t have a social media account specifically for their hairdresser are missing out on a huge demographic. Creating and posting regularly on your social media accounts for the hairdresser shop can make a big difference to the success of your business and your customer base.

Because people are working from home and are more computer-bound, social media has really helped to boost businesses with client reviews and referrals. Make sure to have great and engaging posts on your company’s social media accounts to help set your image and to get new clients.

Prospective customers can read all the great things customers say about you, which boosts their confidence to book you as a stylist or barber before booking with you.

Make sure your business is more COVID-aware.

Good hairdressing marketing means building trust and lasting relationships with your customers. The more improvements you make to the way you treat your clients in the hairdresser’s or stylist’s chair, the more likely they are to come back and boost your business.

This also means putting things into place that make your business more COVID-friendly. Whether this is allowing only a few customers in at a time, cleaning all equipment more regularly, or having plastic patricians for clients, all of these will help you to stand out as a more COVID-aware business.

Take the time to make your barbershop stand out.

One of the most important things you can do to get more customers is to be memorable and stand out from the other salons in your area. This may be redoing some of the layouts within the shop, updating your website or social media, or just re-branding yourself entirely. The novelty of whatever you’re doing should hopefully gain more clients.

Referrals and Networking.

Word of mouth is perhaps the most effective marketing idea for hairdressers because customers can be your marketers for free. Making sure to go out of your way to remind clients to review you and share your business with their friends should help spread the word about your business, and bring in great new clients!

Written by Matthew Montez